Basic Information



  • Exp: 40x
  • Sp: 40x
  • Party Exp: 2x
  • Party Sp: 2x
  • Adena: 40x
  • Seal Stones: 3x
  • Spoil: 12x(quantity 3x)
  • Raid: 3x (quantity is retail)
  • Quest: 10x

Enchant Rates

  • Weapon Safe Enchant: 3
  • Weapon Max Enchant:16
  • Armor Safe Enchant: 3(+4 for full armor)
  • Armor Max Enchant:12
  • Jewels Safe Enchant: 3
  • Jewels Max Enchant:12
  • Simple Enchant Rate: 66%
  • Blessed Enchant Rate: 75%


  • Buff Time: 2 hours
  • Buff Slots:24+4(divine inpiration)
  • Skills: Auto learn
  • Offline Trade/Craft System (players get disconnected after finishing)
  • No Subclass Quest
  • Full Noblesse Quest
  • Weekly Olympiad
  • Olympiad max enchant: +6


  • Auto learn skills
  • Auto learn Divine Inspiration
  • 2 hour buffs
  • 24 Buff slots(+4 with Divine Inspiration)
  • Life Crystals required to learn clan skills


  • .online
  • .deposit
  • .withdraw
  • .menu
  • .repair
  • .report


  • Mineral Store (Contains all the essentials)
  • Weapon Store (Contains d,c,b grade weapons with SA and simple A grade weapons)
  • Armor Store (Contains d,c,b grade armors and sealed a grade armor parts)
  • Jewels Store (Contains d,c,b grade jewels and sealed a grade jewels)
  • Services NPC (You can unseal your armors, add SA to weapons, exchange seal stones to AA etc.)
  • Augmenter
  • Global Gatekeeper
  • Class Master
    Completing class transfers gives you individual rewards.

About farming/crafting etc
How do i get s grade stuff?

  • As mentioned above, Raid drop rate is 3x. Although, raids that drop S grade armor parts/jewels/weapons have 100% chance to drop one.
  • Spoil rate is 12x, which means that dwarf classes are able to craft their stuff much easier.
  • Alongside the retail drops, mobs on Monastery of Silence have 0.2% chance to drop a random S grade weapon, 0.5% chance to drop a random sealed s grade jewel, and 0.5% chance to drop a random sealed s grade part.

How can i get ancient adena?

  • As mentioned in the rates, Seal Stones can be dropped in Catacombs after specific creatures with 3x rate
  • Although, mobs in the whole Primeval Isle (Primeval Plains,Lost Nest etc) drop some juicier Seal Stones with 100% rate alongside their retail drops.

Why do i need ancient adena?
Visit Merchant Molly(Services NPC) in any town. It gives you the opportunity to:

  • Bestow SA to A/S grade weapons
  • Unseal A/S grade armors
  • Unseal A/S grade jewels

Is there any way to check out the drops of any minion?
You can hold “Shift + Click” on any monster. You can see their base stats and also their droplist.

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